Jimi K (Ivan Kovacevic) was born May 26, 1975 in Osijek Croatia. His interest in music began at the tender age of eight as his home was always filled with music, particularly with the sounds of Rock/Blues from his brother's vinyl collection.

At the same time Jimi enjoyed the influences of a great variety of songs heard on the radio. It wasn't long before Jimi's love for music lead him to pick up his older brother's unused and dusty guitar. Before he knew it one thing lead to another and he started learning to play songs by ear from listening to his brother's vinyl collection. To start with he only knew a few basic chords, but it wasn't long before he became comfortable with the fretboard and was soon able to perform many popular songs with his own unique feel. It was a journey of discovery and excitement, and being able to explore this instrument at such a young age offered boundless opportunities for creativity and enjoyment. A passion was born.

Jimi K

Guitar was something that Jimi approached with a certain freedom, and he never worried too much about "practicing". Everything happened naturally and his inquisitive nature and love for the instrument gave him the foundation and grounding that would have otherwise required hours of daily practice for many other aspiring guitarists. For the next few years Jimi refined his craft, mostly playing on his own with every opportunity he had. He was a near recluse, cranking his Fender out loud in his basement, until at the age of 17 he joined a band and started playing Rock gigs and weddings. People were astounded, wondering where did this long haired white Jimi-Hendrix come from? It was a small city of 100,000 people with a tight-knit music scene, and many people, even Jimi's friends were surprised at his latent guitar abilities, and before he knew it he was being regarded as one of the best local Guitarist/performers, and had become affectionately known as "Jimi" in local circles.

Jimi's foray onto the local music scene opened a new chapter in his guitar playing and musicianship. It expanded his horizons and he relished the opportunity to apply his guitar skills to other styles of music, allowing him to experiment further and mix genres to create a fresh and unique sound. During this period Jimi formed a band called "Nomads". They performed a set of 10 songs written and composed by Jimi, and they ended up recording 5 of the songs in a studio. The only thing that held the band back from achieving greater success was that they lived in a smaller city, far away from the music capital of Zagreb.

In 1998 Jimi got married and in the following years had two children. He started playing acoustic guitar in bars as a solo act. It was initially an opportunity to have more flexibility and freedom, without having to organize group rehearsals, finding gigs for a band, and to avoid the arduous activity of setting up and lugging heavy equipment around. The convenience of his acoustic sets started out as just that - a convenience, but inadvertently became a new musical adventure. The acoustic performances gave Jimi an opportunity hone in on his craft because it was as raw as music gets. No band, no live mixing, just a voice and a guitar. Jimi's drive was to use the acoustic guitar and his voice to create a full and rich sound, a harmony of sorts between voice and guitar that made sense, and that was more than just a simple exercise of strumming and crooning. The open truth of playing virtuoso really put Jimi into focus on writing and composing music with a meaning and feel that would move people. Today Jimi K is widely regarded and respected among his peers in the musical industry, having been recognized and awarded by the likes of Fender Croatia, whilst also enjoying popularity on the Gig circuit in Germany, France, Croatia and Canada. This journey has made him what he is today.

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